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  • Hello there! When logging out from SSP or WG and using Windows Authentication, I’d like to forward the user back to the login screen (it ignores the login screen when using Windows Authentication – guestlogin=1). The workaround I have for it so far is to send the user to the OTWGSingletonLogout page. I know that I can always set up a custom HTML with a form that posts to the login page, but I expect the tool to have a proper way to do it. PS: We do not want to handle webguest users and passwords, thus, windows authentication is …

    Walter Henrike OTE Newbie Asked 1 day ago in Web Gateway / Web Forms.
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  • Hello, I am trying to set up rule for incoming emails, such new RFCs are created. I set up autofilling of Responsible field to value of allowed usergroup in status =draft and rest of requied fields are filled from parsing structured email. New RFC should be created in status =Draft. According to workflow default Responsible user should be set up to current user. Unfortunatelly sent emails don’t create new RFCs. Error appears :invalid user assigned to Responsible in status workflow. Could you advice me what is the reason of this behaviour? What else should i check in ot? What causes …

    Magdalena OTE Newbie Asked on 7. March 2019 in E-Mail Gateway.
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  • Hi, is it possible to create permanent link to web client(Web Gateway) of OmniTracker to share it with colleague? Is it possible to generate such link to web client with object number or id?(to refer from other apps) Thanks a lot for your answers, Daniel

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  • Hello After changing network configuration by our system administrators I have the same error in import script Import Persons from AD – IA, 05. Persons – Every day ****** Error in ‘ScheduledImport’ at line 4: Error during ADs operation: Could not bind to schema! Error Code: 0x8007203a Error Text: The server is not operational. (IOtImport) Dim objFolder, objImport Set objFolder = ActiveSession.RequestFolders(ActiveRequest.UserFields(“Folder”).Value) Set objImport = objFolder.MakeImport strImpName = ActiveRequest.UserFields(“ImportName”).Value objImport.Run Left(strImpName, Instr(strImpName,”,”)-1) Where and how I can check a UserFields(“ImportName”) ? Where I can find the current value of ImportName? Thanks

    PETR KASINSKIY OTE Newbie Asked on 9. October 2018 in Import / Export.
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  • Hello!   Where can I find documentation or the manual regarding omnitracers web service usage?   Thank you!

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  • Who knows a way to create a report where images from rich text fields are also visible. Maybe in Word, PDF or another way.

    Collin Withaar OTE Newbie Asked on 8. June 2018 in Business Intelligence and Reporting.
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  • Do you have an examples or know of a script that could be implemented to generate a signature of the current user when using a reply  (onclick) function? Currently when we hit reply it opens the body of a reply email but it is blank. I would like to pre-populate the first and last name of the current user.

    Evan Vasquez OTE Newbie Asked on 3. January 2018 in Administration.
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  • Hi I’m trying to count RFCs associated with a specific CI but I’m not sure how. What I’m looking for is an export or view like this: Select CI.Title, Count(RFC.*) from ??? Group By CI.Title It would have been easy if it were a 1..*, 1..1 or a *..1 relation but as far as I can tell it a *..* relation which I do not know how to handle in OT. Pls. Help Kind Regards Rasmus

    anonym OTE Newbie Asked on 28. August 2017 in Import / Export.
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  • Hi All. I am trying to select tickets within start/end date – and is getting a good result at that 😉 Trying to do a common copy/paste – some fields is pasted with unknown tags. (skipping a cell aso.) So, tried to do an Tasks /Export to CSV – and only getting headers. No data! Any options /tasks I am missing?

    Lars Knudsen OTE Newbie Asked on 21. August 2017 in Import / Export.
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  • Hello, I am sending post from my blog with brief tutorial on integrating Omnitracker with JIRA REST API.,360486784,title,Omnitracker-eksport-danych-do-REST-API,index.html Best Regards, Magda

    Magdalena OTE Newbie Asked on 14. August 2017 in Custom Interfaces.
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