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  • Hello there! I am fairly new to Omnitracker and everyday is a battle for me. I have been stuck with the import process for quite a while now, so if any could help, here it goes: I have three CSV file extract from our CRM system. I can import successfully ONE of this CSV into the folder 00. Master Data\Locations Then, I need to import my second CSV into the folder 00. Master Data\People\Persons One person can have multiple locations. I have fields with foreign keys and primary keys. My question is, how do I link a PERSON to One …

    Walter Henrike OTE Newbie Asked on 31. May 2019 in Databases.
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  • Hello there! When logging out from SSP or WG and using Windows Authentication, I’d like to forward the user back to the login screen (it ignores the login screen when using Windows Authentication – guestlogin=1). The workaround I have for it so far is to send the user to the OTWGSingletonLogout page. I know that I can always set up a custom HTML with a form that posts to the login page, but I expect the tool to have a proper way to do it. PS: We do not want to handle webguest users and passwords, thus, windows authentication is …

    Walter Henrike OTE Newbie Asked on 21. May 2019 in Web Gateway / Web Forms.
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  • Hi, is it possible to create permanent link to web client(Web Gateway) of OmniTracker to share it with colleague? Is it possible to generate such link to web client with object number or id?(to refer from other apps) Thanks a lot for your answers, Daniel

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  • Do you have an examples or know of a script that could be implemented to generate a signature of the current user when using a reply  (onclick) function? Currently when we hit reply it opens the body of a reply email but it is blank. I would like to pre-populate the first and last name of the current user.

    Evan Vasquez OTE Newbie Asked on 3. January 2018 in Administration.
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  • How can I define the Headline/ Field  in Detail View for Mobile Clients?

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  • Hello, is it possible to  create/pass incidents from check_mk server (Centos7) to Omnitracker via script (python or bash) ? Via Web Service ? Just examples to get me going. Thanks in advance

    Tex OTE Newbie Asked on 26. January 2017 in Administration.
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  • I can change tree view settings by superadmin (ie add/modify some VB) How it can be set for other user (after login as ordinary user there are no changes made by superuser)

    Adam Wolny OTE Newbie Asked on 9. May 2016 in Administration.
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  • Does anyone of you have experience in migrating the OMNITRACKER database from SQL Server 2008 R2 to Oracle 12? In this context I have two questions: 1. Does some empirical values exist, like duration per gigabyte of DB size when using the CopyDB Tool of OMNITRACKER? 2. What is the reason, that OMNITRACKER does not support the actual Oracle DB version, only the version Thanks for your comments.

    Alexander Breznik OTE Specialist Asked on 19. April 2016 in Databases.
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  • Hello is there posibility how to refresh openned client form (or at least Memo-Time Stamped Field on it)? – Solved through LoadData method

    Pavel Krátký OTE Newbie Asked on 1. April 2016 in Administration.
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  • Hello, is it possible to change the global Logo “Omnitracker”? We want to use our branded logo for Omnitracker.

    Christian B. OTE Newbie Asked on 25. February 2016 in Administration.
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